Stonewashed Bootcut Gospel?

November 14, 2011

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t love the fit of an old pair of jeans. Let’s be honest, it isn’t just women who will search high and low for the perfect pair. Now according to an article in Tech Today, there is a body scanner that will tell you your exact size for a perfect fit. Once you have been scanned, you will be able to shop virtually knowing everything recommended to you is a guaranteed perfect fit. This is marketing at it’s finest. Meeting people right at their point of need.

What if we took this same approach to evangelism? No, we are not “selling Jesus.” But we DO want to meet people in their point of need. As Annie, our intern, pointed out this summer “God made everyone different … and He relates to us all differently. God is always and forever the same, but while consistent He’s also dynamic.” Her point was God is the same, but he relates to us each differently because we are different. He fits everyone like a perfect pair of jeans.  So, as online evangelists, we need to use the tools available to us to see what people need so that we can present the gospel in the most relatable way possible. When we really focus in of the  key terms we write into our blogs, the questions we ask on facebook, what trends we look to respond to in twitter we are being more effective at presenting a Jesus who is real to people.

Photo Jeans by Petr Kratochvil


8 Responses to “Stonewashed Bootcut Gospel?”

  1. funkdubius Says:

    I really don’t care for the idea that we should try to make Jesus fit into peoples lives, to share with them a Jesus that will relate to them. As far as I understand, Jesus came once, He died once, and He left us one legacy, one option, one way. If people can’t fit that Jesus into their lives, then they don’t want the true Jesus. I like the way you say He relates to us all differently. I can relate to that in the way that everyones salvation story is different; to the point of salvation itself. The problem is, if they accept another Jesus than the one the bible teaches about, than their attempt at salvation is in vain… We can meet people right at their point of need by providing the way to the true Jesus, because He Himself, just the way He is, unchanged, is just what everyone needs…

    • gmoSarah Says:

      I agree. We shouldn’t ever change or water down the person of Jesus or the Gospel. Rather we should take the truth right into where people need it most. People online are looking for true and lasting love. They are desperate to get the truth, so I think the question for us becomes how can we speak their “language” and present the true Jesus? How can we present the truth to them? Like you said, “We can meet people right at their point of need by providing the way to the true Jesus, because He Himself, just the way He is, unchanged, is just what everyone needs…” Our words or methods will change, not because Jesus does, but because the audience does.

  2. funkdubius Says:

    thanks for clarifying. I get so bothered by all the false gospels being proclaimed all over the internet/everywhere…

  3. The internet is a great place to allow people to get to know us. Using Facebook and other social media platforms allows for us to sprinkle our personal story of salvation all over the place. People who really want to connect with others don’t generally like it when they are bombarded with so much all at once. Allowing for relationships to develop naturally lends to seeing trustworthiness established which will often lead to openness to receive the truth.

    As the internet is used wisely, genuine converts will become disciples of Christ and possibly see their experience as something they might want to consider sharing.

    I’m so looking forward to using the internet as an evangelistic tool.

  4. Paul Says:

    God’s love for us yes we understand does not change, He being the ONLY WISE took upon Himself to bring salvation to our doorstep by sending His son Jesus Christ into the world in flesh,one of our own kind though different in spirit just simply to give us a bespoke outreach solution to help us achieve His set standards of salvation,and by so doing we understands that He made life much more easier for us to worship Him in truth. Which ever means we employ to reach out we should always know that once we meet people at their point of need, the WORD which is the ingredient or oil to greasing the wheels of spiritual growth or progress in Christ does NOT CHANGE hence every presentation we may undertake is in truth from the BIBLE. Let’s ask for God’s grace to grant us always His spirit of details all the time in all we do. God bless you all.

  5. peter Says:

    Jesus is love he does the will of God and by loving him we also do the will of God

  6. Louis (Theophilus7) Says:

    Th world tries so hard to fit Jesus into their mold when God set Jesus to be the pattern for us to be like. If the world is not to be changed to match the pattern Jesus set for us His suffering and death was wasted. The world was and is a mess, that is why he came. God demands for us to be Holy as He is Holy More than 25 times throughout the Bible 1 Peter 1:16 for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” It even says in on the cover of the book.


  7. Lynda Doering Says:

    Jesus did not stop and form relationships with people before giving them the gospel. He told them to believe now. Now is the day of salvation. Time is short, you don’t know how much time the people God is putting in your path have. They could be killed tomorrow(maybe today!) I believe we are being misled when we think we have to pray about it, wait till the Holy Spirit moves me tot tell that person of Jesus Christ. My mother just had work done on her heart. I plead for people to tell her the gospel. Someone besides me. I have been told, I am going to go “see” your mother, the Spirit just hasn’t moved me yet. They stopped her heart yesterday. What if she didn’t wake up? Would you feel OK that you didn’t feel the Spirit move? if you are saved, you have the Spirit and God gives you everything you need to share the gospel. Its not about us, or what we save. The Holy Spirit will take those words and put it on her heart and reveal Himself to them. I prayed with her the gospel before she went under. She asked the Lord to save her. What if I felt after sharing with her many, many times, I’m not going to share this time, she knows it. I’m sorry, but I think we are being misled by not sharing the gospel everytime we get an opportunity to speak with someone. Relationships with us will come later or not at all. Its not about us, its about their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Again, the Spirit will take the words, just open your mouth.

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