November 21, 2011

News comes to us in short bursts.

Blogging has become something we share in short sentences. (Thanks Twitter).

A view of the gospel can be presented in less than 10 words.

Beauty. Fall. Sin. Waiting. Hurting. Jesus. Restoration. Glory.

How would you present the gospel in 10 words or less?


15 Responses to “Short.”

  1. Ced Reynolds Says:

    pain, pleasure, wrong, right, sinful fallen man redeemed risen Savior.

  2. Carl Garrett Says:

    Here’s the same thing said differently: Lost, Repent, Hear Only Unfailing Love, Surrender Idols, Holy Fire

  3. peter Says:

    uncondotional love

  4. Jesus died for my sins, I am living for Him.

    • This is simple gospel in only 10 words, I like to hear from others regarding this.Jesus died for my sins and i decided to live for him, He is good to me and He will be good to you also in all the circumstance..Amen.

  5. calilee Says:

    All have fallen, deserve death… Christ willingly took our place.

  6. Christ died for our sins, was buried, arose from death.

  7. Creation, Deliverance, Love, Jesus, Salvation, Resurrection,
    Glorification, Home with God

  8. Carl Garrett Says:

    Lost, Repent, Hear Only Unconditional Love, Surrender Idols, Holy Fire

  9. anne Says:

    The dwelling place of God is with men.

  10. Jesrel Says:

    “Jesus give his Blood for us,to forgive our sins.”

  11. Olayinka omotayo Says:

    I luv Jesus with all my heart

  12. Colleen Says:

    Get real honest,accept Jesus’s sacrifice,enjoy eternal life now!

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