Evangelism Rebranded

February 7, 2012

Greg Stier, from Dare 2 Share ministries, in an article on ChurchLeaders.org presented 5 reasons why evangelism needs to be rebranded. Naturally, my thoughts turned to internet evangelism. Although we have made some gigantic steps forward, internet evangelism can still have several misconceptions about it. So, here are 5 reasons why internet evangelism needs to be “rebranded.”

1. People are seeking for THE good news.

According to a google eBook “Religion online,” religion is one of the most popular online topics. “Three million Americans turn to the internet each day for religious information and spiritual guidance.” Our experience with visitors to Global Media Outreach evangelistic sites is that this isn’t just an “american” interest. India, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries are some of our largest audiences. So, while the term “internet evangelism” may cause some people to cringe thinking it is nothing more than pushy online Jesus marketing, the reality is people are already online searching for spiritual truth and guidance for their lives. If we as christians are not there to answer their questions, and help them, what else might they find?

2. Every Christian can do it. 

We all know that not everyone is a good public speaker. Not everyone can teach on Sundays. Not everyone is outgoing enough to talk to someone on public transit. And for various reasons not everyone is mobile enough to get out of their house and talk to people.  Yet, the internet provides multiple opportunities for these same people to bring the presence of Jesus online. There are no special requirements or degrees needed to bring the message of Jesus to those we encounter online.

3. The internet can offer the largest church connection.

In my email today was a story of two of our online missionaries in two different parts of the world who worked together to help someone find a local church. How amazing is it that someone in the one part of the world was able to help a person in a completely different part of the world find a local church- a church that was ONE BLOCK away from him! Online we can talk to people from ANYWHERE and connect them with other believers. A man who is desperate for a life change in Prague can be given encouragement in Christ by s man in Brisbane. A mom in Nepal can be reminded in her identity in Christ by someone in Germany. Over the internet we can see the body of Christ working across geographic and cultural boundaries.

4. Real relationships are formed. 

Bloggers, Tweeters, Instagramers, and Message Boarders all know this: You can form connections and relationships online. While some people wonder how real these relationships can be, let us remember how powerful the written word can be. Communities don’t necessarily need to meet face to face in order for God to use the encouraging and honest words to build one another up.

5. There is something for everyone. 

Every believer carries the Holy Spirit. If believers are online, and those seeking are online, sharing the gospel is just one comment, post, tweet, video, email, pin, picture, away from being shared. For as many sharing or learning preference exist, there are that many options (and maybe more!) online.  If you are looking for a way to join in the movement of sharing your faith online, one way is to pray for people online. Hundreds of people a day visit the GodLife prayer wall. Take a moment, pray for someone, and see what God will do!


Do you remember the Claymation Christmas special with the California raisins? And the waffeling/waddleing/wasling claymation animals?  If not here is a peek:

YouTube is pretty amazing! It allows us to find bits and pieces of movies and songs and allows us to share them with others. What a fun way to stay Jesus focused during Christmas- share videos and songs with your friends and family!  You could probably share a song, memory, or video clip a day for a whole week, and everyone would love it!

We’d love to hear, what are some of your favorite Christ Centered YouTube clips?

Trends are trendy. People love them. We study them. And, depending on the trend, we follow them. Yesterday I addressed Thom Rainer, the CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources,’s article “5 Major Trends for Churches in America” by looking at how social media can help in sharing the gospel with the Millennial generation. Today Let’s look at another trend he noted:

The Boomer generation will actually be more receptive to the gospel.

They have been there and tried that, and it left them feeling empty. For the Boomer generation, who will not  “accept their senior status“, they will continue to ride the technology trends of their children and grandchildren. We are reaching the place where everyone has a facebook. Even my  grandmother (I mean that literally). In light of this, we can not give up on a generation who once gave up on the gospel. They are more ready and open now than ever before. The more important trend or online missions to the Boomer generation is simply to be present where they are. They will use their smart phones, we should have apps available. They are on facebook, twitter, and other social sites, let’s engage them in a conversation.

As Thom Rainer pointed out, these two generations can not be ignored. They are the two largest generations in American history. Take a moment to realize that we are talking about real people with real spiritual needs. We can not afford be indifferent about this. We must engage these generations online!

Future Evangelism Trends

November 8, 2011

As humans, we love trends. We love knowing what will be “in,” marketable, and profitable. We want to know where to put our money, time, and talent. Where can we get the biggest return for our investment. While we might not be hopping on trends like watching bad reality TV, there are others that we don’t want to miss out on. Investors want to know what would be a wise investment of money. Parents want to be aware of what trend their kids think is “cool” (especially to know if running interference is necessary). And the church wants to know what is the best way to share the gospel with people.

In a recent article, Thom Rainer, the CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, lays out “5 Major Trends for Churches in America“. Two in particular stand out as important to consider for the future of online evangelism.

The Millennial generation will be indifferent toward Christianity. 

The very opposite of acceptance is indifference. Some people might be tempted to think it is hate. But if someone hates, they still have emotion and thoughts for a subject or person. If they are indifferent, they simply don’t care. Questions like “where will you go when you die” or “why are you here on earth” are dismissed with “I don’t care.” If someone doesn’t care, there can’t even be a conversation.

While people might become indifferent toward Christianity, they STILL care about their relationships. It is this relationship that will open the doors to conversation.  They are the first generation to share so much personal information online. And though it is less likely that they will live in the same town they grew up in, they will continue to be connected online. Social media then becomes all the more important mode of sharing the gospel.  The key to riding the social media trend is to remain authentic. The Millennial generation wants to know that you REALLY care. They want to engage with a REAL person. Therefore Christians need to continue to build a personal authentic social presence to connect and stay connected with people in their lives. Social media can’t be used just to throw christian ideas out there. The Millennial generation already “doesn’t care” about another idea. The most rewarding evangelism trend will be to build authentic relationships online so that they might be granted the privilege of sharing the gospel.

Join us tomorrow as we discover what the second trend is, and how we can address it…

I’m Annie. I’m 20 years old and a college student. I sew patches on my jeans and make my own sundresses. My custom beverage at Starbucks is a grande light ice iced nonfat chai latte. I change the color scheme on my Gmail account because I’m not satisfied with the standard.

My generation craves options. We want to be unique, individual, people who matter, specific. We want to break the norm, bust the tradition. We are the “me’s.” It’s funny, a whole generation with the same attitude—wanting to be different. Ironic really, but that’s how it is.

So how can God—my God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever—the ONE, SINGLE, ONLY God we teach about at Global Media Outreach—ever appeal to a generation determined to be one-of-a-kind?

Yes, we do believe there’s only one God, only one way to live a life totally fulfilled, and only one way to salvation. He’s one size fits all. He’s Jesus. But that’s only the beginning…

God made everyone different (this is on purpose—just try finding two faces that match up perfectly) and He relates to us all differently. God is always and forever the same, but while consistent He’s also dynamic. It’s exciting, how He can surprise us in exclusive ways that speak directly to us as individuals. He fits us all perfectly, and each of us as tight as a glove. NOTHING is like Him. He’s the uniqueness we need.

Psalm 139:13-14 reads, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” God created us. He knows how to give us exactly what we need, how to relate completely to our uniqueness. What could be better?

I love being a part of this new generation of customizers. It’s exciting, it’s innovative—just like our God. He’s surprising and radical—He’ll shock you and revolutionize your expectations. If we let Him, He’ll shatter our norms, our boundaries, our traditions. He’ll make us different and indulge that uniqueness.

Jesus died for each of us individually. Remember that beautiful image of the Shepherd leaving the ninety-nine sheep to go after that one? Each one of us matters so much to Him. He sacrificed Himself and His needs for ours. The only thing any of us can do in return is devote our lives to Him.

It’s not about me anymore. God’s love is an individual gift that brings everyone together. Allow Him to use your uniqueness to draw others to Him. You can do this in so many ways: blogs, conversations, art projects, facebook statuses—take what’s unique about you and employ it!

So I’ll still sew those patches on my jeans. I’ll try to say things in ways nobody else does. I’ll paint crazy pictures on my apartment walls, and I’ll love it all. But I’ll use those special things about me to point to God’s glory.

~Annie Josey (SVSP Intern, 2011)

Dream Generation

July 20, 2011

I love adventure.  I’m a Carolina girl spending my summer as an intern in California, I dream of moving to Europe after I graduate, and my career possibilities seem endless.  Most would say that I’m just young and naive about the real world, but I prefer using my mom’s saying that the world is “my oyster.”  I’m not alone in this “oyster” mindset.  My generation is full of big dreamers and adventurers; we are visionaries.  This could be attributed to pop culture or political changes, but I think that the truth behind the vision is technology.

My generation has grown up with the entire world at our fingertips through emerging technology.  Social media, search engines, and smart phones have equipped us to become world-changers.  This technology not only allows, but obligates, twenty-somethings to dream big.  New technology and the Internet are practically coded into our DNA. So what are we supposed to do with it?

In order to harness our potential, I believe that we need the help of older generations.  In the book of Acts, Barnabus encourages Paul and helps him to develop his ministry.  Barnabus enabled Paul to make an impact in the world for Christ by his example.  Barnabus and Paul traveled together, taught together, and lived out God’s purpose for their lives.  My generation needs people like Barnabus; people to guide the way and share their journey. We have a lot of dreams, but in order to bring them to fruition we need enablers.  We need teachers and mentors to show us the way.

If you look at your community, you will see the potential that these young adults hold.  My generation will soon become the world’s leaders, and you have the opportunity to make an impact.  Connect with them through new technologies and embrace the shift that they are creating in society.  The way people interact is being revolutionized through social media, and it is important that we know how it works.  Allow my generation to show you the future, and then share some of your wisdom in exchange.  If you are an online missionary with younger disciples, then don’t underestimate the power that your e-mail encouragement holds.  Become a Barnabus and enable the younger generation to make a difference in the world for Christ using the tools they have been given.  Encourage them to develop their vision and encourage them to utilize technology to pursue it.  Embrace the dreams of the dreamers.  Embrace the incredible knowledge they hold.  Embrace your opportunity to enable the world changers.


~Amber Marshall (SVSP Intern 2011)

Aggie Hertel is the Community Leader for the 32 online missionaries at her church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. As the Community Leader, Aggie doesn’t leave the hard work to the missionaries at her church; she gets her hands dirty by working in the spiritual “trenches” as she communicates with seekers all over the world. Aggie has had some very interesting interactions with her contacts. One of those contacts is Laddha, a handicapped woman from Cambodia. Confined to a wheelchair, Laddha e-mailed Aggie nearly every day last summer, as she wanted to learn more about the Bible. After five months of communication, Laddha asked Aggie for help to teach young children about Jesus. She aimed to create a retreat for children who are AIDS victims or children of AIDS victims. Last fall, 120 children attended the retreat Laddha hosted, and 60 children accepted Christ as their Savior. Aggie continues to talk to Laddha, who plans to baptize those who are now in relationship with Christ in Cambodia.

“This ministry allows you to have a deep impact on people’s lives,” Aggie said. “ Some people might ask, can there be serious discipleship and multiplication on GMO? Without a doubt!”laptop