Sharing on Facebook

April 13, 2012

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Earlier this week I found an article that stated 1 in 7 online minutes was spent on Facebook. What a great ministry opportunity! Yet, there is a very real fear that if I start to share my faith on Facebook, I will be banished into the land of “blocked statuses.” How can this be avoided? Here are some great tips in keeping off blocked lists and in news feeds:

Beware the over-share watch list — There will ALWAYS be “that” person on your friend’s list who over-shares. They might treat Facebook like an online diary, post 15 times a day, or only ever post about ONE topic (such as how awesome their dog is).  It would be important to remember that just because you are talking about Jesus doesn’t excuse you from practicing some Facebook etiquette. Please don’t over share, post 25 times a day or ONLY talk about ONE aspect of your life, or I will block you (even if it is good)

Don’t feel like you “HAVE” to share –– There is so much content out there, so much untapped possibility. Neither of these facts should make you feel like you HAVE to share everything you find. It can be easy to start boring yourself with content when you feel it is your “duty” to share.

Let what you share be a natural expression of your heart — what God spoke to you, what encouraged you, what truth you needed to hear that day. Your friends on Facebook want to connect with a real person — not canned Jesus answers, poor but well meaning theology, or judgement. Being a real person helps them to see how Jesus is real. This is powerful.

A picture is 95% more effective than words at capturing attention –– I just made that statistic up. BUT I know for myself, I scroll my news feed looking for photos and videos before I read what people write. I am also less likely to block people if they are just sharing photos and videos than long status posts (unless they are oversharing).


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