Stop the Presses

March 23, 2012

Photo by Stewart Butterfield on Flickr

Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped the presses- literally. After 244 years, the folks at Britannica have decided to stop printing it’s iconic set of books.  While it feels a bit odd knowing fifth graders all across America will not need to hunt through these volumes for information for their state reports. Well, come to think of it, perhaps they haven’t been digging through these dusty pages for a while. If they are anything like me, when they have a question, they turn to google or another search engine.

So, while Britannica isn’t going to be printing any more information, all their information will still be online. As Jorge Cauz, president of Britannica, points out, printed work is limited. With all the information available, they have had to squeeze and prioritize what information got printed. Online they have limitless possibilities of what topics and to what depth they can post.

Information is going digital. It isn’t that people dislike books, so long as it pertains to novels. It seems, however, when it comes to accessing information, people prefer the quick and easy access of the digital world. But this doesn’t just stop at information for a elementary report or recipe. Christians and non-Christians are looking online for spiritual information. Software and web searches are more used rather than printed concordance. At least twice a week I search for a bible passage reference online. My worship pastor read verses from his phones, and another uses his iPad instead of handwritten notes. Remember the maps at the back of the Bible? Well, google earth may have replaced them. I have seen at least two people use them when referencing one of Paul’s missionary journeys.  Perhaps digital information is more accessible information?

What about you? How do you access information?


3 Responses to “Stop the Presses”

  1. Beatrice Akelo Says:

    I like this post

  2. Dan Says:

    Please setup my phone. Thank you

    • gmoSarah Says:

      Hi Dan,
      I am not sure what help you need setting up your phone, but we are not the people to ask. Perhaps you can try an online forum or asking the people you bought your phone from. Wishing you the best! ~Sarah

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