Evangelism Abroad

March 5, 2012

Have you ever had the experience where you engage in a conversation with a friend, and later overhear a stranger sharing the same information? It is almost like you want to jump into the conversation screaming “YES! I was just saying this and YOU understand!” That is exactly what we at GMO felt when we read this blog by John Dyer, director of web development at Dallas Theological Seminary.

In this entry, John shares how technology and the internet help Turkish Christians grow online. “We’ve all known people addicted to technology who have trouble unplugging and connecting in person. But in Turkey this anonymity allows Muslims who are curious about Jesus and Christianity to explore it safely.”

John continues by explaining how, while it is legal to be a Christian  in Turkey, it is still dangerous for Christians to carry a bible or “hang around a Church.” Yet, the Turkey Internet Evangelism Network (TIEN) utilizes online technology, like websites, email, youtube and facebook to engage people in faith conversations.

“The amazing thing is that they are all working to draw Turks along a path from an anonymous seeker to a faithful follower of Christ connected to a local church body.”

How exciting to read of stories of believers reaching out online to reach the world for Christ! What other stories have you seen lately?


2 Responses to “Evangelism Abroad”

  1. Dave Hackett Says:

    Thanks for posting on TIEN – a great set of brothers and sisters creatively using the web, mobile and digital means to share the gospel with Turkish speakers!

    • gmoSarah Says:

      Hi Dave, Yes! It is always exciting to see people who have a vision for using technology to reach people for Christ. That is something very near and dear to us.

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