Sharing Your Faith using Google+

February 28, 2012

Perhaps you have used the +1 button to mark a helpful link in your Google search results. Maybe you have used it to mark an interesting article you have read. But have you thought that using the +1 button can help you share your faith?

As the above video shows, when a  person who has a Google profile clicks the +1 button, Google automatically uses this click like a recommendation. This means if your friend clicked +1, this would show up in your search results.  Even if there isn’t anyone you personally know who liked the page, Google will still display the number of people who have liked it.  This “like” or recommendation of sorts is to help you have more confidence in knowing the site you are about to visit — that it will actually have the information for which you are looking.

So, what if you liked a page that has a presentation of the gospel? We already know that millions of people a day are searching online for spiritual related information. It is safe to say that some of these millions might be people we know. If they were searching on Google, they would see the sites that you have clicked +1.  It is a virtual recommendation from a trusted friend. What if you +1ed an article that helped you grow in your faith? Your friends would be able to see this article when they searched.

The brilliance in sharing your faith this way is that it takes less than a second and meets people in the moment they are searching.  You can’t know or be there in every moment of everyday.  But by clicking +1 on pages you like, it is like you are leaving a sign to point people who are searching in the right direction.

If you are interested, help people find Jesus by visiting and click +1 on the gospel page or any of the GodLife articles that help you grow in your faith. What other sites can you +1 to share your faith?


5 Responses to “Sharing Your Faith using Google+”

  1. I totally agree. Thank you!
    ~Donna Marie

    P.S. (Your video can be +1’d but this article cannot be, yet; however if you update your sharing settings in, they now how the +1 button and several other sharing options, too.)

  2. meraf Says:

    I am happy for this but I have a question & I need pray

  3. […] rave review, you are more likely to get in there to try the food. This is a similar concept to the google+ button. Facebook now has a way to give more weight to certain posts than to […]

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