What the Oscars can Teach the Church About Social Media

February 24, 2012

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Academy Awards could be “the biggest night yet for social media.”  ABC, the  station hosting the awards, plans to have two people tweeting from back stage.  There is a new feature on the  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences facbook which lets users choose which films and actors they expect to win. There is even an Oscar app which will show videos winners who want to extend their acceptance speeches. Using dedicated hastags, people can leave comments about their favorite and not so favorite actors on the red carpet. All the while, ABC will be monitoring what people are saying online. They will use this feedback to decide what clips to show, and what gets featured. More than ever the Oscars will be a social experience.

So, what about churches? What can we learn from the Academy Awards?  Social media is all about making the world more connected. How can people connect more with the family of believers?

First, think of the possibilities if churches posted more “behind the scenes.” If a service happens one day a week, what about the other 6 days? Using twitter or facebook, churches can let their congregation know what they prayed for in staff devotionals, how a building project is going, if God answered a major prayer request, some of the pastor’s thoughts, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Second, use a hashtag. Many sermons include an overall theme or point. Turn that into a hash tag.Then ask your congregation to hashtag their learning throughout the week is powerful. It will help them to remember what they have learned, and also engage with others.   Check out the hash tag #1000Gifts for an example.

Third, use a facebook polls to get feedback from the very people you are trying to engage. Ask if there was something unclear from the last sermon. Ask what scriptures God has been revealing to their hearts lately.

Last, reach out to those who are not saved online. The Oscars is a huge moment for stars, but ABC has gone out of it’s way to make it accessible to everyone. Not everyone is a Christian, but as the body of Christ, we need to out out of our way to reach out and invite others to know Jesus. There are many opporunities through facebook, prayer, and even responding to people online.

Let’s work to give God as much air time as any awards show!

Image from MDI Digital and found on the Wall Street Journal Website


One Response to “What the Oscars can Teach the Church About Social Media”

  1. Beatrice Akelo Says:

    I have love it so much!
    God bless you indeed.


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