God’s Presence Matters

January 9, 2012

Online ministry takes a lot of thought effort and energy. While it’s methods might be more accessible, this doesn’t mean that the content, and connections are easier. So, what is the top thing you are do in online ministry?

One thought keeps coming up so far in 2012, it is “BE with God.” All areas of life and ministry  seem to all spin around this idea. So, when this video popped up in my email, I knew I needed to post it.

What ways is God’s presence with you and how is it shaping your online ministry?


6 Responses to “God’s Presence Matters”

  1. Outstanding! He is so right … what else matters. Nothing!

  2. Nega Says:

    As much as possible i have been preaching the bible by taking version/words to all people by face book .

  3. Peggy Carr Says:

    As hosts, we do all that we can, to make our guests comfortable. How can we make the Lord comfortable, (Psalm 93:5), except by worshiping Him in the Beauty of Holiness, garments He provides (Psalm 22:3)?

    It seems to me that, in order for this to happen, we need a rebirth of understanding, regarding what “sacred” really means. (Psalm 19:9,14, 34:9) God is Truth and All-knowing, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10).
    Let’s start with this awe-struck fear, that looks a lot like a faith that remembers what Uzzah forgot!

  4. IN HIS PRESENCE – there TRULY IS FULLNESS OF JOY! There is NO feeling, no ‘high’, no experience – no relationship – that could EVER be compared to GOD’S WONDERFUL PRESENCE ! I mean – WHO are ‘we’ – that He would even CONSIDER spending time with – I mean – HE IS THE CREATOR of the UNIVERSE – YET HE DELIGHTS in DWELLING IN us – and spending HIS TIME with us! THAT is a mind-blower! Thank you Jesus – for LOVING US SO MUCH – Though we SOOO DON’T deserve it!

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