2012 Digital Goals

December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011. Although you are still with us, Our minds are mostly on 2012. We already are making plans and goals for oh twelve.

And to you, our wonderful readers, how are your goals shaping up for this coming year? We wanted to share with you some tips in making these goals a reality in 2012.

1. Write them down! A goal not written down, is just a dream. Also, it is helpful if you can find them again, so we suggest putting them in a place that is easy to find and access again! Perhaps in note on your phone? or evernote?

2. Make the most of your digital Calendar. We suggest writing reminders to yourself in advance, and setting your calendar settings to send you a reminder. This could be as simple as emailing yourself a prayer reminder, setting a quiet time alarm, or putting in when you will take a retreat. Speaking of which…

3. Unplug. As we mentioned in this blog, there are a great many spiritual benefits from simply taking a technology break, and spending that time with God.

4. Pray. Perhaps this should be number one. But, as Proverbs 16:9 says “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Regardless of what we may have planned, it is God who guides us.

5. Assess the technology you are using. It is easy to read good bloggers, and to think, “wow, I should start a blog.” It is easy to read a clever tweet and think” I should tweet like this!”  Others might be amazing at keeping their online calender, and you think “I really should move from paper to digital this year.” You get the point, it is easy to feel like technology has become the run away snowball that somehow ran you over. So,  really take a look at the technology or social media you are using. Do you enjoy using it? Is it actually helpful? Does it feel too demanding. Does it help or hinder you from reaching your goals? If it does not help, ditch it. No point is trying to post some encouraging word to twitter if it becomes overwhelming and not spirit filled. Pray and see what else God has for you!

We hope these were helpful! We pray that you might grow in your relationship with God even more in 2012!

photo by Archie McPhee Seattle on Flickr


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