December 28, 2011

The beauty of storytelling is hindsight. To be able to highlight events and weave a story to show draw meaning from our experiences. Perhaps this is why much of the Bible is written in a narrative form.  It highlighted what God has done.

Interestingly, this narrative story telling is going digital. Facebook has launched Timeline. Now, instead of posts, pictures, likes and comments being posted on a person’s wall, it is written out like a timeline. A person even has the option to add information on previous periods and important moments of their life.  Of course there is criticism. Are we sharing too much person information? Why would my friends what to know what happened on my 7th birthday party?

Yet, what of it’s potential in redemptive story telling? What if we marked when we became a Christian? Or highlighted moments of deeper revelation of God? What if we took a moment to see how God has been moving in us over the last year? Perhaps the timeline could be a more significant change in social media that we currently think.

How would you think to use the new Timeline feature in internet evangelism?


2 Responses to “Timeline.”

  1. jonasnkwoagu Says:

    Pls God help me in all my ways& I will not 4get to thank Baba God for the things He has done to me this year. May His name alone be honourned & praised 4ever more.

  2. MLB Says:

    That’s an interesting concept. Thanks!

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