Open Letter from a Community Leader

December 20, 2011

I had this letter send to me today, and wanted to share it with you all! I hope you will see Marcia’s heart (the community leader who wrote the email) and join with us for our year end Million Person day!

Recently Walt Wilson, our GMO Founder said “There are 1 BILLION people who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus. There will be no hope, no future, no knowledge of  a Savior, no Christmas. It touches me very deeply that 1 Billion have no knowledge of Jesus. Most are in the 10/40 window of north Africa, Muslim/Hindu Iraq-Iran-India-China window and they will be inquiring this Christmas season who Jesus, Christmas and God are. Will you make time to answer these extra Seekers finishing December?

Circle these dates on your calendar to pray and take extra ARC. Let’s finish this year with a flood of decisions for Christ. Remaining Christmas Season Million Person Days are:

  1. Dec.20 (today)
  2. Dec. 22
  3. Dec. 27
  4. Dec. 28
  5. Dec. 30- GMO Year End MPD
  6. I’ve got my calendar circled and am ready to go. How about you?
I don’t know about you, but I am wanting to do all I can to reach those 1 BILLION people! If you want to join us, go here!



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