Year End Countdown

December 14, 2011

I am the sort of person who hates it when people play Christmas music before Thanksgiving day. I don’t like that our world today seems to be rushing ahead- always onto the next thing; never in this moment.

So, please know that what I am about to say isn’t from a desire to rush us past Christmas and onto the end of this year. Rather, I wanted to give you AS MUCH time as possible to join us. So, without farther ado:  You’re Invited to join us this year in participating in our Year End Million Person day!!! 

We want to end the year well as we reach others with the good news of Jesus! There are three ways to join us:

First, through your donations. Sadly, the web isn’t free. But, one very generous donor has agreed to match funds given for this million person day!  Would you like to make financial contribution go EVEN farther this year?? Go here for more information.

Second, through your prayer. We have put together a prayer guide for this million person day. Download this FREE prayer guide, and join us to pray for people coming to the evangelistic and discipleship sites that day!

Third, join us for a LIVE broadcast. You will be able to find the live site here.  Bookmark it, then join us at 4:00pm California time as we celebrate how God is moving in the final days of 2011!

Together we can give the best gift to a MILLION people all over the world!


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