The Christian Growth Index

December 12, 2011

The most frequently asked question for people involved with Online Evangelism is “how do you know the decisions are real?” After all, you can’t see the person responding to you, so how can we know they are experiencing true life change? Well, we at GMO were asking ourselves the same question. So we sent out the Christian Growth Index to several of people who have responded to our evangelistic websites over the years to measure how they practiced their Christian fiath. And the results were astonding!

34% read their Bible daily.

Nearly half spend 10 or more minutes in prayer each day.

51% have shared their faith three or more times, and 37% have share it once or twice.

As Walt Wilson, our founder and chairman, said, “These findings are remarkable because they reveal that online evangelism isn’t just an in-the-moment decision, and people continue to grow in their faith after they have indicated a decision.”

Go here to read more on the Christian Grown Index. 

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One Response to “The Christian Growth Index”

  1. Marguerite Witter Says:

    I’m encouraged that the new believers are followed for their opinions…I hope they are also asked which media type they find most helpful; and any ideas they might suggest for engaging or hooking other first time contacts…

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