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December 2, 2011

One of the favorite parts of my week is “(friends are) Family” dinner night. Once a week, one of my friends and I will venture to a third friend’s house to cook dinner and just Be. These times are full of laughter, questions, sometimes tears and frustrations and venting and prayer. We come in anything from work clothes to sweats.

In his article, The Cultural Need for Hospitality, Randall Neighbour, the President of TOUCH Outreach Ministries, points out that our world is in desperate NEED of hospitality. “…[H]ospitality, combined with the presence of Christ, is what turns a bunch of disconnected people into a church!”

The beauty of true hospitality is actually transformation. We invite others into our lives to be with us- not just the “together” part of us, but all of us. We invite them to see how we honestly  interact in  with God and with each other. As Jesus moves in us, it shows in the way we interact with people.

While I do not think that anything can replace the in person connection, I also am curious about how one can be hospitable happens online. How can we create a safe, open environment that invites people into our lives, and ultimately into the life of Christ?

Some of my favorite blogs “keep it real”  in regards to the content they post. It is almost like I know I could show up and be loved, even if I were in my virtual sweats. Others are wonderfully honest, with their questions, yet, they are still focused on Christ.  I am invited to linger there a moment to experience Jesus.

How about you? How do you show hospitality online to help others pause long enough to encounter Jesus?


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