November 5, 2011

Recently one of our staff members stumbled across an article posted a year ago by Fast Company.  This article noted that people were becoming increasingly more and more connected. Not even beds or the bathrooms were out of reach of technology and connection.  The danger of this, they noted, was there were less “creative pauses” which are necessary.

“In these moments, you are completely isolated, and your mind is able to wander and churn big questions without interruption.”

As Christians, we should know that “time away” is even more important for us to tune into what God is saying. 1 Kings 19:9-18 describes God coming to Elijah in a “gentle whisper.”  Elijah had to get away and wait to hear the voice of the Lord.

How do you unplug? What do you do to get away? How intentional are you?

As the author of the Fast Company article pointed out, technology has even followed us into places like the bathroom, nothing is “sacred.”  We have to be intentional!

We must remember that Elijah didn’t stay in the cave, but that cave time was vital to what he did next. In the same way I am not saying “delete your twitter account, and deactivate your facebook forever!” I am asking, what do you stand to lose by NOT keeping some sacred spaces where you can meet with God totally unplugged?


3 Responses to “Unplug”

  1. wencelot Says:

    God bless you for a good word.amen

  2. Alessandro Vale Says:

    Can’t find a better “balance” than what is in this comment. Yes, we can “plug” to live our lives, sell, buy, preach, evangelize – As Lord Jesus did in the temple and at the market…. But even Him had a time alone, out of the noise and distractions to pray, speak and listen, to God Father.

  3. […] Unplug. As we mentioned in this blog, there are a great many spiritual benefits from simply taking a technology break, and spending that […]

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