October 31, 2011

A few weeks ago, some of our staff were having lunch together and brainstorming some ways to have fun. Someone remarked that we should do something for Reformation Day (This is the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church, thus igniting the Protestant Reformation.)

“But we aren’t trying to reform church policy,” someone pointed out.

“Yes,” said another, “But we ARE trying to reform the digital age for Jesus!”

Thus this crazy idea was hatched. A group of digital reformers we on a mission to spark a digital formation.

So, today we donned our iReform gear to revolutionize the digital mission!

While Luther had the Diet of Worms, we had web spiders. (nerd joke)

Read the 31.7 “Tweetheses” one reformer came up with. (He chose that number because it is 3x faster than 95).

Join us on twitter as we repost these and come up with some of our own. What theses would you add to the digital reformation? use #iReform to tag it!

While we chose to have a bit of fun celebrating a bit of church history today, we are serious when it comes to believing that God can and wants to transform lives in the digital space. 494 years ago, God used Martin Luther’s ideas and work to spark a reformation in people’s hearts. God is inviting us to do the same today.

We want to hear from you… what ways do you want to change the digital space to promote the gospel??



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