Internet Information Collection

October 28, 2011

In an Associated Press article released this Tuesday, it is revealed to us that Google has been dealing with mounting pressure from different governments to release internet user information. Google has become king at collecting information. They know what search terms are popular. They know what the most popular site is for teen girls in the city of Cincinnati. They use this information to create better advertisements and products. Now they are under pressure to give this information to governments.

There are two things we should take from this article:

First, if it has been said once, it has been said a million times, be careful with what you put online! There is a reason facebook and google will deliver ads about weight loss to woman of a certain age or suddenly a high school student will get advertisements about different colleges.  It is guaranteed  that any information you put online will be collected by someone and stored. It doesn’t matter how short of an amount of time the information is up, once is is on the world wide web, it is always out there. While generally information collection is used to better focus marketers, there are some very evil people out there who will want to use your information to harm you. Please be careful.

Second, as Christians, we should be aware that our opportunity to use the internet to share the gospel is in fact limited. The article quotes that Great Britain has requested Google remove 6 videos that they felt were national security risks. How easy would it be for countries who are hostile to Christians and Christian beliefs to remove/block content that carry the gospel or christian themes. How long before people in those countries  will no longer have access to information about Jesus or Christianity online?

We must be safe, and we must move quickly!


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  1. Thank you so much for that info, Hortensia

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