Protests and Evangelism Alike

September 28, 2011

The New York Times posted an article today on protests around the world. The authors noted the influence of technology in recent actions:

Increasingly, citizens of all ages, but particularly the young, are rejecting conventional structures like parties and trade unions in favor of a less hierarchical, more participatory system modeled in many ways on the culture of the Web…

The critical mass of wiki and mapping tools, video and social networking sites, the communal news wire of Twitter and the ease of donations afforded by sites like PayPal makes coalitions of like-minded individuals instantly viable.

“You’re looking at a generation of 20- and 30-year-olds who are used to self-organizing,” said Yochai Benkler, a director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. “They believe life can be more participatory, more decentralized, less dependent on the traditional models of organization…”

Technology is allowing a new generation with shared ideals to gather, communicate, support each other and thrive. What are the possibilities for the Church? No longer are we bound by things that hindered our communication and support globally. We are free to share Jesus, encourage one another, meet virtually, worship, and pray. Movements are now started and supported by technology.  Let’s get the God’s Church on the move!


3 Responses to “Protests and Evangelism Alike”

  1. kyaw kyaw win Says:

    I like this praying and help this good.

  2. Alessandro Vale Says:

    I support and agree that the organizations – like the local churches – need to change to adapt and attract this new and increasing group/generation. But I keep thinking on how can we balance the VIRTUAL and the REAL in Christians lives. God has come to us in a REAL presence, Jesus, and had instructed us to remain united – Psalm 133. Will the VIRTUAL deviate us from His will?

    • gmosarah Says:

      Hi Alessandro, I agree that we should never use the virtual to replace the real. And as the world shifts into using technology so that people’s real presence comes across online we should consider the ways to use this technology. For example, I just meet a my friend, who was from the US but living in Greece, for coffee over skype. This technology allowed our real selves to have conversation. So, I agree, let’s have balance, but we do need to embrace technology.

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