The Art of Wrestling

September 6, 2011

When you sit on the couch for long enough, your body will go numb. Your legs will fall asleep. Your back will start to tingle. You’ll be sore. Sit longer and your muscles will dissolve. Your body will swell and spread out. Ah, the sedentary life. On the couch you feel safe, you feel comfortable. Then you feel complacent. Lazy. Apathetic. Unfeeling. Dead.

We aren’t meant to stay comfortable. We aren’t meant to spend our lives always content. We aren’t meant to believe just what we’ve been told.

We were made to have adventures! To question things, to wrestle with them, to quest, to take risks! Repose is for the lifeless. There’s nothing like spending the day laboring in the dirt. And how sweet it is when you finally jump that hurdle, when you climb that mountain, when you solve that problem. You’ve done something with yourself. You’ve fulfilled your purpose.

God created us to be challenged. He gives us problems to solve. He puts issues on our hearts. He uses us to do His work. Through this He stretches us, and we grow. A relationship with God is a challenge. He is always calling us to a higher place, and He knows we can get there. God wants us to wrestle with Him. He wants us to stop believing what we’ve been told, and start knowing what we know.

So how can staying behind your computer be a challenge? How can sharing your faith even while sitting on your couch stretch you? It’s so much easier to talk to just random strangers about the gospel these days through a computer. You can be anonymous. You have fewer reservations. You can type whatever you want and be confident about it. You can be comfortable.

The Internet is a unique blessing. It makes it so easy for us to reach anyone almost anywhere with the message of Jesus Christ. But it can still be a challenge. How can you communicate the gospel to people from other cultures who don’t understand your language or your way of thinking? Can you muster the courage to share your testimony with your 800 Facebook friends? From the vast about of information available, can you sort out the truth from the lies? Tests of faith can come from all directions. The challenge seems never ending, but thrilling just the same.

So rely on God. That’s the point anyway. We can’t overcome any challenge without His help. He designed it that way. Our perfect God completes the task. He gives us the wholeness we desire, and the relief we need. And He can even do it from your couch.

-Annie Josey (SVSP Intern, 2011)


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