Making an impact, a world away

July 15, 2011

Aggie Hertel is the Community Leader for the 32 online missionaries at her church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. As the Community Leader, Aggie doesn’t leave the hard work to the missionaries at her church; she gets her hands dirty by working in the spiritual “trenches” as she communicates with seekers all over the world. Aggie has had some very interesting interactions with her contacts. One of those contacts is Laddha, a handicapped woman from Cambodia. Confined to a wheelchair, Laddha e-mailed Aggie nearly every day last summer, as she wanted to learn more about the Bible. After five months of communication, Laddha asked Aggie for help to teach young children about Jesus. She aimed to create a retreat for children who are AIDS victims or children of AIDS victims. Last fall, 120 children attended the retreat Laddha hosted, and 60 children accepted Christ as their Savior. Aggie continues to talk to Laddha, who plans to baptize those who are now in relationship with Christ in Cambodia.

“This ministry allows you to have a deep impact on people’s lives,” Aggie said. “ Some people might ask, can there be serious discipleship and multiplication on GMO? Without a doubt!”laptop


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