Leading the Conversation

June 28, 2011

Last week we had a million person day. That day we had:

1,237,359 Visitors

129,716 Indicated Decisions

14,390 Emailed to request Follow Up.

This is amazing!! God is moving. Also last week @stickyJesus wrote a blog asking the Church to take a lead in the conversations that are happening over technology.  14,390 people started those conversations just last Monday.  As GMO moves to focus on discipleship, we are left to think, how many times will we start the conversation once someone has emailed us? How will we lead the conversation?

In John 10:27 Jesus says “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

When someone first hears or believes in Jesus, they still are learning how to hear his voice. This week, let’s be challenged to not only lead the conversation, but also lead people to a deeper understanding to what it means to listen to the voice of Jesus.


One Response to “Leading the Conversation”

  1. wilfred Says:

    God has caused man to open up avenues through technology, let’s grasp and use to his glory for he is in control in every situation.

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