Pentecost: God’s Supernatural Provision

June 13, 2011

When the church was born (Acts 2), God poured out His Spirit on a group of unqualified, unequipped men who would later turn the entire world upside down with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. In this moment of uncertainty, the first Christ followers in History, cried out for God to meet them in the midst of their weakness and confusion, and on the day of Pentecost, God answered their prayer with the might of His Spirit.

In their time of greatest need, God took the little they had to offer and multiplied it above and beyond what they could have asked or hoped for. In this moment of weakness, God supernaturally moved through them in power to begin what we call the great commission. Now, two thousand years later, God has poured out His Spirit yet again on the day of Pentecost during our moment of uncertainty and weakness.

We had made plans to reach 1,000,000 people with the Gospel On Sunday, June 12th. This is done through blitzing the Internet with ads containing a simple Gospel presentation designed to meet people in their moment of need.

As the market grows, advertisement is becoming more and more expensive. On Friday, June 9, 2011, we were in the midst of a moment of uncertainty. While we believed God for 1,000,000 opportunities to share the gospel on Pentecost Sunday, we thought we lacked the funds to support it. In fact, we believed we would be limited to reaching about one third of that number.

Despite the dismaying odds, we pressed on by faith, and, on Sunday, God miraculously provided. Not only were we able to meet the original goal to reach 1 million, but also we managed to set a new record in GMO history by reaching 1,917,885 people with the Gospel.  Out of these, 185,000 individuals indicated decisions for Christ. In a single day, almost 200 thousand individuals, whom we know of, were welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

This is a miracle of epic proportions. Praise God for taking the little we have and using unqualified, unequipped people to turn the world upside down. Praise God that His Dominion reaches not only the natural, but the virtual as well. Praise God that His Spirit is not limited to our physical reach and that He is actively reaching individuals through their computer screens.

Please continue to pray for each individual that receives Christ through one of our websites. We are not called to simply reach the entire world, but we are commissioned to make disciples of all nations. Pray that God would strengthen the online missionaries as they take time to love and disciple each person that responds. Out of the millions of contacts we make, each person is an individual with specific needs and a specific destiny. God knows each one intimately and is willing to leave the many for the one. Our ministry should not be defined by large numbers but by our ability to make true disciples of Christ and mature sons and daughters of God.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

GMO Staff


6 Responses to “Pentecost: God’s Supernatural Provision”

  1. kinyangi Says:

    A wonderful way to gospel around. May God bless you in abundance.

  2. maria del pilar lopez aristizabal Says:

    me gustaria tener sus hermosos mesajes ok

  3. William Jeager Says:

    Praise God that you were so blessed to reach out too that many people. I Thank God that some were truly reached. I hope that my home church Trinity Cathedral Episcopal in Sacramento will be able to begin to reach people in our community. Peace be with you!

  4. Let the whole world know God. Let those who worship Him, worship in truth and spirit.
    Lord bless this ministry, intervine in all our plans, as we believe our success is in your hands. Holy is the Lord!

  5. Higginio Mallarme Says:

    Thanks God for sake of his way of loving their people on earth . thanks God for the movement that show me and you about loving . Thanks God for holding my life till today . By the end of this knows word of God that he is the heavenly father in our life. I believe in God ..

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