The Power of a Minute

May 25, 2011

For the last few weeks, we have been posting fun facts about what happens in a minute.  For example:

  • In 1 minute lighting will strike the earth 360 times.
  • Every minute 204,166,666 emails are sent.
  •  In one minute 252 people will be born.
Although it is only a small part of a day, there is such power in a minute!  A minute could hold life or death literally… and spiritually.  We know that thousands are looking online for God or are googling spiritual questions each minute.  It is in our hands to use the what God has giving us to make the gospel available to them.
Would you be open to sponsoring a minute of time to reach people with the Gospel? That minute will be the difference of spiritual life for hundreds of people. What a powerful minute!

3 Responses to “The Power of a Minute”

  1. William Jeager Says:

    The Bible says “fear not” or “do not be afraid” 366 times. That is one time for every day of the year and one for leap year!

  2. Higginio Mallarme Says:

    what if I don’t have a power time

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