Tweet Speed

May 3, 2011

Everyone knows the phrase “Faster than a speeding bullet,” but with technology continually speeding up our communication, the phrase might as well be “faster than a speeding tweet” or even “faster than a speeding text.”

Ten years ago we thought we were advanced. Radio, television and internet connected us to the world in ways never seen before. Yet, Sunday, as President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, it became clear just how much farther we had come. During the the Mets/Phillies game, text messages and news spread like wildfire causing the crowd to begin to chant “USA!” and the players were left slightly confused for a moment. Radio DJs who had once been at the forefront of delivering new ten years ago, commented that they actually learned of the event because “facebook started going crazy.” Twitter had their “highest sustained rates of Tweets ever,” before, during and after the Presidents speech confirming Osama’s death.

While the world had been amazed at the speed news travels after the Japan earthquake or even during the royal wedding, Sunday’s events confirmed communication around the world has been changed forever. Within minutes of it’s happening, news of Osama’s death was a global event. We no longer sit for weeks or hours as news or pictures travel across the globe. We are more connected than ever.

As Christians we need to be asking ourselves how this has change in technology has changed the spread of the gospel. People all over the world are using the technology for instant answers- many of them go directly to the smart phones in their pockets. I believe the question is no longer IF we need to be present, but HOW are we going to be present. What presence is God calling Christians to have in the mass of instant information? How is God calling YOU to use the technology you have available at your finger tips, or, perhaps in your own pocket?


2 Responses to “Tweet Speed”

  1. hola soy de honduras y kiero tener amigos de todo el mundo

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