Technology and God

April 19, 2011

I woke up this morning to a radio DJ talking about the Palm Sunday message from the Pope. “Technology cannot replace God,” the DJ quoted him as saying — or something like that. Before my eyes even opened, I thought “Technology can’t replace God. God is God. He always will be. We need Him. BUT technology can help us to tell others about Him.”

We are the generation who has in our hands the opportunity, through technology, to reach EVERY person on earth with the gospel. Some do it through blogs,  twitter,  facebook, videos,  in online chats, message boards, new articles, online radio, etc. The possibilities are endless.  But the message should still be Jesus — his work, his love, his forgiveness.

As Christians, we look forward to this weekend as the celebration of the work Jesus did for us- his death and resurrection (He has risen!). Can you please join us in prayer as we try to reach more than people with the message of Jesus.  We also want to encourage you to reach out, in whatever way God has called you to do. This week, allow God use to you and technology to reach more people for Him.


4 Responses to “Technology and God”

  1. David Shelton Says:

    This is so true. In 3 weeks I am traveling to Uganda and Kenya to serve Christ by sharing his love with people God has brought into my life through Facebook, texting, live Internet chat and the email ministry of GMO. Today unlike years ago, I help comfort, evangelize, disciple, build up and encourage people not only all over the United States, but also people in Africa, the middle east, Pakistan, India, the Philipines, South America and even people at sea! I was so limited before technology came along to simply serving where I could physically go. Today I serve people and connect with them all over the Earth! God has used me hundreds upon hundreds of times to change lives I could otherwise never have helped. Yes God I believe not only uses modern technology, but I believe he ordained it and even inspired it!

    • David Davis Says:

      Yes,that is my thought as well…………God DID ordain technology. For to long the body of Christ,however,demonized the use of it,especially withe the Internet. The Internet,in their mindset,was the devils playground. To some extent that was,and, remains true. Pornographic sites lure our children into becoming unproductive citizens because of their addiction to porn which stems from exposure to these sites. It is our responsibility,as Christ followers,to take back what the devil means for harm. I wish you well in your continued efforts<God Bless

  2. Beto Garcia Says:

    Technology has become a powerful means God and only He is using through the Missionaries to let the world know about JesusChrist. Let’s simply spread His Gospel and the Holy Spirit will do the rest!!!!

  3. […] “Technology cannot replace God”. Here’s a great quote I found today responding to that idea from GMO blog: Technology can’t replace God. God is God. He always will be. We need Him. BUT technology can […]

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