Soul Surfer

April 11, 2011

Thanks to the movie Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton is in the spot light again.  I say again, because on October 31, 2003 she was in the news as the victim of a shark attack. She lost her arm, and 60% of her blood.  But Bethany was determined to keep surfing, and less than a month later was back in the water and went pro in 2007.  Bethany is certainly a great role model.

Bethany is a shark attack survivor and pro-surfer.

And Bethany is a Christian.

Actually, Bethany might reorder my list. I am willing to bet she would put Christian FIRST on the list. She attribute all the good things in her life, including her ability to still be able to surf to God.

We had the privilege of connecting with a number of national youth ministries to launch a new site sharing Bethany’s faith. (with her family’s permission, of course).  We are excited to highlight for other teens that while their lives might not end up as they would want, God has a plan and a purpose and wants a personal relationship with them.

The site is

Please check it out. On it is Bethany’s story, a video, and pictures. It also explains how to have a relationship with Jesus.

You can also join the discussion on our facebook:

Or follow us on twitter:

We want to reach as many of the Soul Surfing audience, Teens, surfers and whoever with the message of the real hope that is in Jesus!



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