Million Day #1 recap

March 25, 2011

Yesterday was a full full day. There is so much that we can say about the goodness and faithfulness of God! If you haven’t heard, we had a crazy goal to try and reach a million people a day on March 24th. And then do it again on March 25th. And we did it! Actually, GOD did it. we just partnered with him, and we are blessed to have that huge privilege. So, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here is what happened yesterday:

Actually this is the 23rd.. our crew set up the control room:

The day before the event, part of our tech team set up our control room.

One of the team getting some energy for the next 48 hours.

ramping things up right before 12 Pacific time, when the outreach will start.

By  8 AM Pacific time, we had already reach 1/2 a million people.

God was moving and we were excited to see how he finished the rest of the day. Our prayer team was praying, and everyone wait.

A little before 7pm re reached this marker:

The moment the screen showed over 100,000 people indicating a decision.


Then just a few moments later, a little after 7pm this is what we saw:

The moment the screen showed over a million people had been presented with the gospel! Praise God!


Yesterday was a historic day. Never before has anyone used the Internet to reach over a million people a day!! We thank God for technology!


In all yesterday there were:

1,094,614 Visitors to our gospel sites

111,859 Indicated Decisions

13,514 Emails to our Online Missionaries


BUT there is NO time to rest! We are trying to do it again today! How can you help??

Be our prayer partner for whatever time you have! Just call: 1-712-432-0075 Passcode: 4684042  (Please note that while you can call in from anywhere in the world, long distance and out of country from your telecommunications provider will apply)

Do you want us to pray for you? Please text us your requests at: 1-812-841-3866 (IMPORTANT!! you’ll need to start your text with the keyword: gmopray and then type in your requests)  OR you can send it in through:

Follow us on Twitter for Updates!: Because of the number of people watching this great event today, we had to turn off our live stats site, BUT are sending regular updates through our twitter page: we send out updates with the tag #MillionDay and hourly prayer promps tagged #GMOPrayer

We are already halfway through our second day of this outreach, and at the moment I type this (which will be outdated by the time I push publish) are at

634,074 Visitors

73,808 Indicated decitions

8,204 Emails


Pray for God to keep moving!!



7 Responses to “Million Day #1 recap”

  1. Danny Parton Says:

    James 5;16 Awesome! Over a million hits during intense unified prayer time! It is yet to be seen what God will do when His people pray! Praise His Name! Thank you GMO for your leadership in prayer!

  2. Bob Patrizio Says:

    Amazing how ther prayers of the righteous, when consistent with God’s will, move Him to action. What a testimony to prayer and the faithfulness of our great God to respond. James 4:8 says “Draw near to God and he WILL draw near to you.” I praise God for everyone that drew near through prayer for this mission. Your Brother in Christ Jesus, Bob

  3. Rev. Dan'l Markham Says:

    Go team! Go! Thanks be to God how he is using this extraordinarly God blessed ministry. May the Lord shower your efforts with untold resources – human and financial – for His Glory!

  4. Alan Colson Says:

    Grea job guys! It is amzing what took place on one day because of your efforts together with God pouring out His Holy Spirit all over the world. I pray you all will be richly blessed for all you did for the Lord!

  5. Alan Colson Says:

    Great job guys! What an amazing day because of your efforts together with God pouring out His Holy Spirit all over the world. I pray each of you will be richly blessed for all you did to add to the Kingdom of God!

  6. Dave Hackett Says:

    Inspiring, we’re cheering you on. Of the most-visited GMO sites on March 24th (and beyond), how many were mobile-platform sites? I’m interested in how the growth of mobile use is becoming evident on GMO’s websites.

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