February 24, 2011

We LOVE to see what God is doing around the world. We get almost as excited about it as the country who scores the winning goal in the world cup.

I say “almost” because so far no one has painted their face and ran around the office screaming “goal!” when God allows us reach one of our big God sized goals. I should say, no one has YET!

Today in our webinar, our Founder Walt Wilson explained our 2011 goals. In case you missed it, here  they are again:

  • 20 million people indicating decisions for Jesus Christ.
  • 4 million of those people emailing us to help them grow in their faith.
  • 11,000 Online Missionaries (we have 5,500 now and want to double that)

We absolutely think that these goals are possible. Challenging? Yes! We know that even in our best efforts, we wont be able to produce these kind of results without the help of God. But, we firmly believe that this is what God is calling us to in this year. Will you join us help us? Here are the areas we could really use the help:

First, can you pray for us, for wisdom and a strong listening ear as we continually move the ministry forward into the places God is calling us?

Second, would you consider making it possible for people people to hear and see the message of Jesus through your giving?

Third, can you spread the world about our Online Missionary Program? The more emails we get the more online missionaries we need, especially in other languages!

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do, and are already so excited to report back to you!



7 Responses to “Gooooaaaaalllllls!”

  1. Paul Diender Says:

    I can also be available for Flemisch/Dutch speaking Belgian contacts. I live practically next door.
    Best Regards,

    GMO/OM: PaulD

    • gmosarah Says:

      HI Paul! Are you already an OM with us? We would LOVE to get you into an additional community to receive more emails! Just let your community leader know, and they should forward your information to the right person!

  2. Abner Says:

    I missed the webinar, is it available online?

  3. Abner Says:

    I was mainly asking as last time an email was sent out with a link, maybe I just didn’t get it yet, hope I do 🙂

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