Summer Project 2011!

February 11, 2011

For the last two summers we have had the great privilege of having interns work with us in our GMO West office. To be honest, I am jealous. I am jealous because, unlike normal “intern status,” these interns are NOT relegated to the making us coffee (which I would LOVE)  or watering our office plants (which is good, since 99% of them are fake). INSTEAD our interns are off making movies, programming things (which are above my understanding), working to get the screens in our office to look like mission control, and perhaps most important and exciting, interacting with people online to help them know Jesus more. And that is just when they are working.

On weekends, they are off hiking, surfing, touring places like San Francisco, Google and Apple, and gaining a larger picture of themselves, technology and how they can use it to reach the world for Jesus.

So, this year, they are planning on doing it again. But, even better!

Thats right, THIS summer (June 5-July 30) more collage “interns” (which I think should be called something way more awesome, because they only do awesome things) will joining us in our Silicon Valley office to learn and explore how they can use their own gifts and talents in online missions.

Are you interested? Because we would LOVE to have you join us (even if you aren’t making me coffee…)

Check out our facebook page for more details on what positions we have open, the cost, and how to apply.

You can ask more details of the fun and talented summer project staff by emailing them at:

We hope to hear from you. We know this summer will be great, and would hate for you to miss it. And who knows, maybe I will be so excited that I will even make YOU a latte! Maybe…. if you invite me to go hiking…


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