Adding Value

January 6, 2011

There are 4 “tips” I received when I first started writing twitter posts. Make them short, interesting, useful, and valuable. Later, when talking to a social media consultant, I heard and echo of these first tips “You need to add value. Always be adding value to your readers.” Today, when I was reading this article written by communication/social media expert Chris Brogan  on the successful use of google+ in business, I was struck again with how the example he used was focused on ADDING VALUE to their reader/costumer base.

So, what about us as Christians? How can we add value to those who friend us, follow us, put us in their google+ circles?

1. Be simple. You don’t need to write a long dissertation on what a verse means to you. Rather, post a short verse you are thinking about, or a thought or question you had about your walk with God.

2. Post pictures. They are worth a thousand words. It blesses others to see what touches us, or what we are thankful for. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to post photos. The invention of camera phones, people are instant photographers. Plus people LIKE seeing things in a more unrefined way.

3. Click the share button. Sometimes the most debilitating thing about posting online is generating content.  But there will always be pictures, quotes, blogs, and tweets that inspire you- Share it! That is what share on google+, Facebook, and retweet on twitter are for! Yes, it is important to give the original author credit (we want to have integrity in protecting intellectual property online,).

Dont kill your twitter audience, be short interesting and valuable.


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