The Other Three Billion

December 17, 2010

The Christmas season is in full swing.  Our Staff is really looking forward to Christmas!  As an outpouring of out joy, one of our offices even taught our CEO to play Wii Bowling.  (Oh Yeah!  We “techies” know how to party!)

A week and a day from today it will be Christmas- the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is interesting how the world was waiting for their savior 2000 years ago. In some ways we are much like them because we are waiting again.  This time we are waiting for his triumphant return!

I can’t help but to think about all those who still don’t know Jesus has come and is returning again. How many haven’t heard?  I just read this article about a satellite provider, O3b who is working to bring internet to the “other three billion” people who do not yet have regular internet access.  It wont take long before the whole world is connected with reliable internet.

When the internet reaches these developing areas, we want the message of Jesus to be there. This year, would you consider giving the gift of Jesus to someone? or even several someones?

Normally, $1 will reach 10 people. You heard me right, TEN people for only ONE dollar!!! BUT this week a generous donor stepped forward and offered  to match all gifts up to $300,000 during December.  With this matching gift, every dollar will reach 20 people!

Will you help us reach more people with the message of God’s first and perfect Christmas gift- His son Jesus?  We ask because we firmly believe the gift of salvation and knowing God is so much better than any wii game!


One Response to “The Other Three Billion”

  1. Wilson Adalla Says:

    Glory be to God through Jesus. As we emphasise the coming of Jesus and His acestance, it’s important to stress the fact that it’s only through HIM that our sins can be forgiven. Since all have sinned, the non believers have no alternative since there are no two ways. It’s very easy,confess,believe and accept HIM; Name above all. Praise the Living GOD Unconditionally.

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