How are you using social media to refresh others?

December 1, 2010


How much time do you spend on social media outlets?

Maybe you tweet…

(I loved looking at all these different forms of tweeting. who knew?!)

maybe you chat…or maybe you “poke”,

regardless of what you are using, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Linked in or Twitter we are all expressing something to the public. Daily, most of us express our thoughts, activities, passions and opinions on different Social Media Venues.

Here at Global Media Outreach, we try to utilize as much of the Internets outlets as we can to spread Gods message of Grace and love to everyone on earth.

Just in case you have never checked out GMO’s other online communities, here are our links:

I am writing this in hopes that you too will jump on board the Social Media train in order to shine for Christ.

I believe that Paul has the same message to us today that he had to the Philippians:

“Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God.” Philippians 2″:15

Will you choose to be a breath of fresh air to the world today? How are YOU using social media in your life to refresh others lives with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ?


2 Responses to “How are you using social media to refresh others?”

  1. chie Says:

    I think it is a blessing that we have these tools available for us to use to reach out. Yes, I’m in the train…I’ve jumped on board to use social media for His glory.

  2. shea Says:

    We have amazing tools now of days and we need to take advantage of the opportunities.
    Sharing God’s word and His love is much easier today than ever before.
    The church and Christians everywhere need use this opportunity for God.
    If Jesus were alive today He wouldn’t be reading around on a donkey. He would be using cars, social media, and etc…
    You can check out how I have used social media to share my faith

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