Cell Phones Are Changing the World!

November 10, 2010

We have been saying it for a while: Mobile phones are changing the world. (If you missed our old posts, you can visit them here: Mobile Mania, and Mobile Phones in China)  I guess Newsweek has been reading our blogs because they just posted a story on the huge impact mobile phones are having around the world.  Okay. Maybe they aren’t reading our blog.  Even so, we were excited to see even more examples of the impact of mobile phones in parts of the world that have seemed “unreachable.”

  • Mobile banking in India, Kenya and Tanzania.
  • AIDS clinics in remote parts of Africa can let their sponsors know the moment they run out of medication.
  • Ethiopian farmers, who don’t have running water or lighting mind you, have phones to contact their family in villages that would take them three hours to get to.

And while we think banking, AIDS relief, and family connection are all VERY important, we also think the most important message a person can receive through their phone is the life saving message of Jesus. And we are there on their phones! People in need and remote parts all over the world are finding us! Here is one response we received:

“m confused with my life coz i belong 4m a hindu background and i have come 2 know about jesus many a times and i know that he is the only God ,i wanted to accept him as my personal saviour many a times & i know that he is calling me to his kingdom coz just now by luck i got this site in my mobile,and m scared of my famil,friends,relatives,neigbors,etc if take the step , i know they vl condemn me?plz help out me!!”  R, India

The wonderful thing isn’t just that we present the gospel, but also our volunteers are available to help each person to grow in their faith. God continues to use man made technology to reach more and more people with his divine message!

If you feel you would like to help reach us reach more people with the message of Jesus, go here to donate.


2 Responses to “Cell Phones Are Changing the World!”

  1. Chris P Says:

    I had been conversing with a gal for over a year, sending long messages back and forth, encouraging her in her walk with the Lord. We really had some in depth conversations. I finally asked what medium she used to access her emails and was starstruck when she said her phone. It is truly amazing.

  2. Thanks for your reach content. Really, phone has helped me stay online 24/7, doing ministry and socializing. Digital media has changed lifestyles around the globe! With one thousand naira, I subscribe to one month internet with MTN. I pray God to help me maximize this opportunity to reach out to many. Solomon, Nigeria.

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