He knows Our Name

November 3, 2010

Online ministry allows us to reach more people in a day than most people hope to reach in their lifetime. It is easy in the days of big numbers to sometimes forget that these are real people with real issues desperately seeking to know God.

Recently, We compiling the responses from our recent online missionary survey (BIG thank you to all of our OMs who participated!) and it struck me how many people are seeking God in their pain.

Men and women write in the mist of addictions, abuse, affairs, spiritual torment, the death of a child, facing the possibility of being disowned for their faith, jobless, dying, full of cancer, full of questions.  They want truth!

From my own experience, April* wrote to because she found herself in a hard place. She had tremendous pain which resulted from poor choices and difficult circumstances. She was single, pregnant, jobless, and without a place to live. Every choice she made to take care of herself and her baby seemed to be met with a roadblock. She was desperate to hear God. Did he love her? Did he still care?

The truth of God’s word is powerful, and I corresponded with her, she was able to place her hope in Jesus and his promises. I often had to trust that God knew what she needed more than I did. Continually I pointed her to scripture- He promised to be her husband when she didn’t have one. He promised a plan, a hope, a future, and that he would provide for her every need.

Isaiah 43:1 says “Do not fear for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name; you are mine!”

Names are so personal. In a world where people seem to be more digital, detached, and opting for anonymous intimacy, God is still there- calling them by name.  His Spirit is present and ministering.

Speaking of names- in one of her letters April wrote to tell me she is having a son, and interestingly the name she chose for him means “God has heard.”

Because God does hear, and sometimes, we get to be his hand and feet in the form of online ministry.


*Name has been changed to protect contact’s identity.


One Response to “He knows Our Name”

  1. David Says:

    This is the main reason I am an OM. Their are real people behind each email contact we deal with. Real people who are hurting,helpless and hopeless need to have the Word of God shared withe them.

    God Bless GMO!

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