October 20, 2010

While mobile technology is reaching out into all different parts of the word, it is still true that computers and high speed internet connections are luxuries in many parts of the world. We wanted to introduce you to two Campus Crusade staff members who have decided to do something about this, and set up a communications center in Francophone Africa. Please meet:

Kennedy Nsom (and his family):

Kennedy not only works as Campus Crusade for Christ’s  Virtually Led Ministries Director for Francophone Africa, he is also one of our Community Leader Shepherds.  This means that he oversees many different online communities who are reaching the world for Jesus.

Also, meet Augustin Tchenkoua (and his family):

Augustin has just become our overall GMO coordinator in Francophone Africa.

Together both of these men oversee The Communications Center, which provides a place where Christians can conduct online ministry- including volunteering as Online Missionaries (OMs) with GMO.  They also use this facility for training new OMs.

Here is a picture of the Communication Center:

Here are a few Online Missionaries going through training:

And last, here are the OMs hard at work, reaching people for Jesus on the internet:

(If you are can’t see the pictures, try going here)


6 Responses to “Africa!”

  1. Danny Says:

    Excellent – love the idea of the Communications Center. Who can I talk from Campus Crusade for Christ’s Virtually Led Ministries regarding this? I am off to Peru and other counties in a few weeks to look for projects to start. Was recently in Mexico and can see how we could add this to the center there too.

  2. Linda Conway Says:

    May The Lord Jesus, bless and keep you. One thing is for sure, we will always have what we need when we need it. Thank You Jesus!

  3. Kevin Says:

    This is quite amazing, I’m not sure if we have such a center these sides of East Africa. Keep up the good work!

  4. We’d love to have your permission to repost some of your pix — they’re powerful — as we pursue our objectives to create a citywide ‘communications network’ pervasively throughout our city (Indianapolis, IN). Drop me a line. And visit

    ht: @GMOtweets

  5. Simon Wachira Says:

    Every effort you put to make known the word of God,know it is not in vain there is atreasure God adding in your account.Let us take the whole armour of God and we stand firm to fight the devil.This family is increasing day by day and new babies are born every second.Let us preach the gospel till the end of the world.

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