Moving from Online to on the Ground Ministry

July 15, 2010

Do you ever wonder how close you could be to the people you are corresponding with in online ministry? Well, this week a pastor called in to tell us an incredible story from a woman in his congregation who received an email from a woman who had been searching online. She found one of the Global Media Outreach gospel websites and wrote in to us. When the volunteer received the email, she realized that the woman actually lived in a nearby city. The woman wrote of her crippling arthritis that had prevented her from getting out of her home and to church. She was asking for prayer. The volunteer passed the email to a pastor at the satellite church in the woman’s city and he discovered in writing back and forth that the woman lived right behind their church! The pastor posted her need on Twitter, and within 26 minutes, someone had twittered back to donate a wheelchair! This is one story amongst many, where we see Global Media Outreach being used to reach and minister to people “on the ground” as well as through the internet.


2 Responses to “Moving from Online to on the Ground Ministry”

  1. ghasem Says:


  2. Love this story. Thanks for making my day!

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