Annonymous Intimacy

June 22, 2010

Is all privacy lost? With social networks like, Facebook, Twitter and my space, we can effortlessly share the most intimate details of our lives. We can share what we did last week, last night or just “a minute ago”. We can reveal what bands we like, who we are friends with, what color we just dyed our hair, what color we would now like to dye our hair back to… and the list goes on. Networks like these provide us a voluntary breaking of any privacy barrier that we had set up previously. We can choose to disclose the most frivolous or most personal facts of our life.

But for the most part, we don’t care to disclose the deep things of our heart, the hard stuff, the “dirty laundry” as we have become accustomed to calling it. At Global Media Outreach, we get a countless number of emails per day from people who are disclosing some of the most intimate information of their life. Many share of areas in their lives that have never been talked about before. At GMO we have chosen to call this “anonymous intimacy”. The safety net that has been set up between Online Missionaries and seekers provides a place where they can disclose their hopes, fears, disappointments and struggles. I see this as one of our greatest attributes because, just as Jesus has shared in the New Testament, “The truth shall set you free”.

I can only imagine all of the hundreds of thousands of people that are set free from the bondage of their secret sins and struggles, and find freedom in Jesus Christ today. I pray that our “anonymous intimacy” found through GMO could continue to be used as a means to lead people to everlasting freedom found in Christ Jesus.


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