Sharing the Gospel in 2010

January 15, 2010

2009 flew by fast, and it seems that 2010 is going even faster! Last year GMO had 66,971,497 visitors to our sites, 10,502,641 people who indicated a decision for Jesus Christ, and 1,943,585 people. God is moving to bring people the saving message of Jesus.

But what about 2010? We are already 15 days into it! How are those New Year’s resolutions? Many people make them, few can keep them. We wanted to make a few suggestions if you are thinking about how to share the Good News of Jesus with the world in 2010.

Idea #1: Strike up a conversation

When people call your cell phone, add a tag to your outgoing message such as “If you ever wondered how to begin a personal relationship with God, check out:

Idea #2: Send an Evangelistic e-mail to a Friend

One of the greatest privileges we have as Christians is to share the good news of Jesus with those who do not yet know Him. You can send an evangelistic email to a friend and
share with them the good news that Jesus can change their life.

Idea #3: Add a Link

Do you have a family blog or webpage? Add a link to a gospel site such as

From this site, you can be sure people will experience the gospel and can be followed up by one of our volunteers.

Idea #4: Share some music

When riding in a friend’s car, ask if you can be the DJ and tune the radio to your favorite Christian station.  God loves to use music to touch people with His loving

Join us in sharing the Gospel in 2010!


3 Responses to “Sharing the Gospel in 2010”

  1. lawrence lee Says:

    Please teach me how to add your link to my webpage? I mean with those attractive banners.

  2. Evans Iyamu Says:

    I consider it a privilege to be able to share the gospel with others…and GMO has made it even better…God bless Global Media Outreach

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