Back from the GMO Chicago Conference

October 22, 2009

We just returned from the Global Media Outreach Summit in Chicago, and we are overjoyed to see how the Spirit is moving! Supporters, volunteers and staff gathered from across the nation to hear how God is using GMO and to brainstorm ways that we together can give everyone on earth multiple opportunities to accept Jesus Christ by 2020. Those who attended GMO’s conference last March in Dallas were astounded by the surge in online activity, which has almost doubled in the last six months. We learned more about how technology will be used to reach the ends of the earth within the next six years. Telecommunication companies are distributing video- and internet-capable cell phones to billions of people, while launching satellites to connect them all – then charging a small but reasonable amount per month, a very profitable enterprise. They are developing technology so the cell phones are run by solar power (just like your calculator).


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