The Office and

October 21, 2009

I confess. I am a fan of the TV show The Office.  Although I don’t get to watch it as regularly as I would like to (I usually wait to the end of the season and catch up with it on Netflix), I did watch the episode with the wedding online a day after it aired.  I laughed hysterically when the cast did an impersonation of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz’s wedding YouTube video (the entrance dance to “Forever…”).  What is interesting to me is that Jill and Kevin were unknown on the internet until on July 19, 2009, when someone uploaded their video to YouTube so that Jill’s father could share this funny moment.  Just one week after being posted, their video had 6.6 million views.  This previously anonymous couple was catapulted to a level of fame that enabled a hit network show mocked their video, and it’s audience understood the joke. (go here for more info)

If this isn’t a perfect example of the power of the Internet, I don’t know what is.  Videos are one of the most powerful tools on the Internet.  Global Media Outreach Launched its new site.  This new site is full of videos about God, and the Christian life.  It is my prayer that these videos might go viral on the Internet.  How amazing would it be for people to be hearing the life-changing message of the gospel from their friend, through email, and online.  This is, after all, more edifying and has more eternal value then any sitcom or YouTube Video I have seen lately.


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