Labor Day!

September 3, 2009

As many Americans feast on BBQs this weekend, there will a harvest of seekers who are looking for answers to feed the questions in their souls.   As Walt Wilson, the Founder, points out, “Our online presence shows us daily-moment by moment- that the fields are indeed white to harvest, but the laborers are few.”   Many churches show a growing interest in using technology to enhance ministry.  This interest has also caused churches to rethink how they are doing evangelism.  Global Media Outreach has launched its Always Ready Program, which will give churches of all sizes access to the technology needed to extend their global missions.  Already, several churches have jumped at the opportunity to reach more people for Jesus.  Go here to see an introduction Joel Hunter did for his church, Northland- A Church Distributed .  And as Rob Jackson, the pastor of Forestville Baptist Church of Greenville, points out, “It will very quickly ramp your energy level, your commitment level and your giving level up to a place you’ve never seen before with regard to reaching the world. My six-year-old daughter sits on my lap and gets a burden and a passion for the world as we pray together over these requests.”

If you are interested in our Always Ready program, please visit


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