July 30, 2009

My friend sent me this quote yesterday out of something she read.  Unfortunately, I do not know the source, nor do I know the author (I’ll have to get back to you with this information), yet I thought it was a great quote.

“Only the biblical gospel has the ability to deal with both the root and fruit of human brokenness. So apart from that gospel, there is no good news.  We would be left helpless and hopeless due to our guilt and depravity.  One can, however, emphasize so greatly the forgiveness promised by the gospel that its divine purpose to also transform us is neglected.  Without that transformation, the good news is only partially appreciated and experienced.  But when we center our ministry training on the unique power of the Cross to free us from both the penalty and power—and eventually even the presence—of sin, then our message is distinctively and faithfully Christian.  The result? The transformation of broken and hurting people into redeemed sons and daughters of God whose lives now increasingly reflect a holy love for Christ and others.  Hope replaces despair, compassion replaces selfishness, humility replaces self-sufficiency, and gratitude replaces self-pity. Having experienced such a wondrous change, we then join God in His mission to take that same gospel message to others, so they too can experience its promises of reconciliation and renewal.  Confidence in the unsurpassed power of the gospel and competence in unpacking its life-transforming message for one’s self and others are the fruit of a gospel-centered seminary education.”


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